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Pokhara Yoga Ashram is a unique and best yoga school in Pokhara, Nepal that offers yoga alliance USA registered yoga teacher training course in Pokhara includes 100-hour yoga teacher training in Pokhara, 200-hour yoga teacher training in Pokhara, 300-hour yoga teacher training in Pokhara and 500-hour yoga teacher training in Pokhara. Yoga teacher training course as well as yoga retreat programs for one to explore the world of yoga and make some time for themselves. Yoga ashram is situated in 2nd most beautiful and most pristine city in Nepal which falls in Himalayas range provides spell bounding views of snowcapped sacred Himalayan mountain, phewa lake adjacent to it adorns it and makes this a perfect place for one to explore the inner dimension of one's.

Ashram being among Himalaya’s mountain provided with its serene and pacifying ambiance allows dwellers to breath pure and live pure initiating towards spiritual dimension and yoga teacher training courses with experienced teachers from the world capital of yoga Rishikesh (yog nagari) makes it the impeccable choice for one to become a part of this spell bounding place.

The city Pokhara is 2nd largest in terms of serene, green and natural environment having the presence of two of the highest mountain Dhaulagiri and Annapurna ranges entices and becomes the attraction and offers the perfect setup for teacher training immersion.

Pokhara Yoga Ashram - Part of Vinyasa Yoga Ashram

Pokhara yoga ashram is the sister school of the well-known yoga school in Rishikesh India, Vinyasa Yoga Ashram, under the supervision and management we are imparting the factual and authentic yogic wisdom in Pokhara, Nepal especially for Nepali students as well as international students will be cordially welcomed. This ashram is established with an objective to make Nepalese aware of historical. Modern and spiritual aspects of yoga. Instituted in the lap of nature with the divine intervention and Himalaya’s confluence, this school promotes flourishing the true authentic art of yoga in Nepal itself, most importantly the Ashram provides with internationally valid yoga teaching certification that will be helping Nepalese to become 'Atma Nirbhar’ and teach yoga around the world. The certification to yoga practitioners will be provided under the guidance of parent branch Vinyasa Yoga Ashram.

Pokhara Yoga Ashram - The Shining Start among Yoga Schools of Nepal with the name that confers the originality of Yoga, Pokhara Yoga Ashram is the emblem of Yoga for Nepal students. Instituted in the calmness and spirituality of Pokhara, Pokhara Yoga Ashram believes in the true transformation of a yoga freak into a Yogi. With the art of yoga in the air of Pokhara, Pokhara Yoga Ashram is the major hotspot of Yoga Teacher Training Course in Pokhara. Our Yoga Teacher Training School in Pokhara is instituted with an aim of flourishing this art of wellness amongst the locals of Nepal.

Yoga for Beginners

100 Hour Yoga TTC

14 days intensive course or 100 hours Yoga TTC in Pokhara mainly focuses on learning of Ashtanga Primary series, and Vinyasa Flow Yoga style. Our 100 hours Yoga Teacher Training Program in Pokhara is a beginner level yoga course that helps in creating a strong foundation of the yoga teacher training program.

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Yoga Teacher Training Course in Pokhara

200 Hour YTTC

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300 Hour YTTC

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500 Hour YTTC

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Yoga Alliance Registered

Yoga Teacher Training in Pokhara Certified Course by Yoga Alliance

USA 200, 300, & 500 Hours Ashtanga, Vinyasa YTTC in Pokhara, Nepal

Yoga in the Calm and Pious land of Pokhara

The path of Yoga is the easiest and effective way to streamline the function of mind, body, and soul with serenity. Apart from good health and physique, yoga also gives calmness in mind and soul too. From ancient times in Nepal, Yoga helps in removing the negative energy out of the body providing a sin-free life. According to many yogis and saints of Nepal, Postures of Yoga or Asana are an effective way to control many harmful diseases and energize the body.

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Pokhara Yoga Ashram

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Student Testimonial

Ariella Kudishevich

Only great things to say about Pokhara Yoga Ashram. I got my 200 hour TTC in March and loved every part of it. The teachers/staff really do treat you like family and are incredibly talented, passionate and knowledgeable.

Virginie Frezel

I cannot begin to explain how wonderful the experience was, the scenery was majestic, the food was fantastic, the quality of our classes were excellent and considering these guys deliver this training consistently I was very grateful that it was always professional and it truly felt authentic.

Mo Cilliers

I did my 300 hour teacher training at Pokhara Yoga Ashram. Pokhara Yoga Ashram have an exceptional program, the program gave me so much confidence and excitement for teaching.

Karen Fulton

Amazing Amazing Amazing. Loved every minute of my stay here. Beautiful people, amazing food, fun professional classes, lots of great activities. I did my 200 hr TT training here and I will def be back for my 300 hr.

Susanne Brandl

I did the 300h Teacher Training at Pokhara Yoga Ashram. I am very happy that I chose this school, it was a wonderful experience.

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